A few words about Solar Panels

Sc Ciupirom Instal Srl is a company founded in 2011 with rising young staff, with big ambitions in the domain of installations in constructions.
We have an impressive portfolio of customers in ROMANIA and in EUROPE
– Residential buildings
– Residential complexes
– Building blocks
– Commercial buildings
– Industrial buildings
SC Ciupirom Instal SRL aims to help customers finding the best technical and financial solutions for each project. So we take care of finding the solution, implementation and project approval, construction and sale of materials at the best prices. In a word, turnkey services, sanitary thermal installations + home automation.
– In conclusion, the solar panels capture the solar energy, it is not polluted is free and renewable.
– Solar panels can be used for domestic water heating or for heating intake. Now solar panels are with tubes or flat. Both have different operating characteristics, energy capture and effectiveness over time.
– The differences are not very big, in fact, both arrive at the same result. We’ve used both to our customers.
– It works only on sunny time and in a little light at lower values. For heating solution, they provide only a contribution to heating when is sunny, they do not provide all the necessary heat, it must be supplemented with a serious heating source.
– If you are interested to put solar panels need to know the following important aspect:
If you use a conventional solar panel system that stores energy in a container, then you should think about what to do with all the energy accumulated in summer, there’s nowhere to use it, it is too much. There is a solution that can mount any solar panels you want with correct installation features – it’s called Sistem Dray Bach, it uses solar energy only when the system require, technical (it empties the water from the gravity panels and fill then it needs, this is not a pressure system). This system is really expensive but its worth the money.
– Do not hesitate to contact us for a complete solar panels offer + technical room + indoor thermal sanitary installations.


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