A few words about heating/ cooling in ceiling or wall

It is used for heating/ cooling surfaces in particular for Hotels / Pensions and for Residential houses, pools, industrial buildings.
– The major advantage of this system towards fan coil system and others VRV genres etc. is that successfully cope to the cooling surfaces with security and heating without any drafts from ventilator or a heating element, it does not raise the dust, it does not require maintenance, cleaning filters or something like this, we are not designed for the height of the room, in the summer times envelops the body with pleasant temperatures between 21 and 24 degrees ambient temperature. It is good to know that the summer time should be kept a temperature difference of 8 degrees to the outside temperature so not to create a thermal shock. It is very economical, working with low temperatures towards other conventional systems.

– The system shown in pictures and videos is a wet system with pipe of 10 mm that is plastered over pipe with 1.5 cm of classical plaster. There is and dry or acoustic system where the pipes are placed in plasterboard plates, thus can be made ceiling drywall, this dry system being more expensive.
– In the case of the wall system there must be well known the furniture placement, such that to be available walls for this system.
– It is ideal for hotels / guesthouses, basically it is known the location of the furniture, it has the advantage that it has a low thermal inertia, it heated / cooled surfaces quickly because it has a higher thermal power / sq. m than underfloor heating, to remember it is not advisable to mount it in the head area where you sleep, there is a thermal discomfort during the night too hot / cold.
– To properly function, balanced and without air on the system it is needed to be executed by a specialized company with complies technical data from manufacturer.
– The ceiling of these systems is only used in cooling, the cold air accelerates down, the ceiling system has a higher power 60 watts /sq. m. It is ideal, the best combination in a building with underfloor heating and cooling ceiling especially if the ceiling is plastered, so we have a lower budget implementation.
– The automation of the system on heating is classic, simple, but if we use the system on heating and cooling the automation is more complex and of course with higher prices.
– It monitors the dew point, the humidity at different points of the building, outside temperature, inside temperature, all of these to create a very pleasant ambience and without condensation during operation on cold.
– The system is used in the walls of the pool to keep the ambient temperature of 30 degrees in the pool room.

For offer for wall system it must be marked on the plan with a line the available walls and must be noted the height of the wall to achieve a fair offer.


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