A few words about wood pellets boilers or mixed pellets + wood

Mounting wood pellets boilers or pellets + wood

– These boilers are wonderful, some of them can operate on vegetable scraps, sawdust, husks, grains, pellets, etc.
– To know that if you want a pellet running then not worth it to mount a puffer because wood pellets boiler knows to modulate the temperature. If you use wood + pellets then it is worth installing a puffer.
– It’s a great technology for regulating the flow of pellets and fire and many other adjustments.
– It can make a high capacity bunker for pellets and thus we have autonomy towards it.
– It can be combined wood + pellets or biomass.
– It can modulate the temperature.
– It is almost the same principle as wood boiler.
– The disadvantage is the cost of pellets is approximately equal with the price of gas, etc.
– Thus, a ton of pellets costs between 600-800 lei/ton.
– Of course it matters of what kind of material are pellets – calorific power.
– In a house of 200 sq. m with radiators, the consumption is around 1000-1500 kg /month; if the house is adequately insulated the consumption is lower; if you have underfloor heating the consumption drops again.

How you can receive one of the offer ?
Send the architectural plans in Dwg, Pdf, Jpg format, pictures with phone, mention the heating system of the house, say a few words about the insulation of the house, send contacts such as: name / surname, number phone, email address, work location and in the shortest time an engineer will prepare a financial technical offer for your project. If you need a consultancy in the field call /write and we will be happy to help.


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