A few words about wood boilers

Mounting wood boilers – simple or with gasification

– If you choose a wood boiler you must have a minimum 3/3 m technical room with with door and window + a vent hole, a place to store and to dry the wood for gasification, to put on fire 2 times a day morning and evening for a house that has underfloor heating, to maintain it through cleaning the smoke channels and tar removal. You have lower operating costs, especially if you have wood but also you need to calculate other activities besides wood. Or for those who do not have time for that and do not like the outbreak and have no gas in the area but have three-phase current then you can choose at the same price for a heat water pump.
– To choose the right boiler as size in kW is sq.m * height * 40 /1000 => kw needed for a house insulated with polystyrene of 8-10 cm.
– We make projects and installation of wood boiler in combination with Puffer, contribution to heating from solar panels with underfloor heating systems or radiators etc.
– Thus, we can reduce the cost with wood, but the most important is the supply time between 10 and 20 hours depending on the system. It can be mounted in tandem wood boiler with heat pump or other type of boiler.
To a central wood is very important to properly install security systems and a chimney suitable to their needs and preferred puffer.
We mount wood boiler with gasification found on the market but also those simple.
We present 4 videos where is explained step by step technical room of wood boiler with gasification.

How you can receive one of the offer?
Send the architectural plans in Dwg, Pdf, Jpg format, pictures with phone, mention the heating system of the house, say a few words about the insulation of the house, send contacts such as: name / surname, number phone, email address, work location and in the shortest time an engineer will prepare a financial technical offer for your project. If you need a consultancy in the field call /write and we will be happy to help.


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