A few words about centralized aspirator

S.C. Ciupirom Instal S.R.L. is distributor of TUBO products manufactured by Italian manufacturer AERTECNICA. The TUBO products from AERTECNICA are used both the residential sector and the industrial sector. Centralized units are found in a perfect balance between technology, design and reliability, while respecting the environment.
To achieve a CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEM our company invests a lot of time, passion and skills. These investments and over 25 years of experience of the manufacturer consist in the warranty that all our clients will benefit from an advanced suction system. The centralized aspirators play an important role in preventing lung disease. Thus Ciupirom Instal through TUBO manages to create an environment where we can breathe a clean air and proving its own philosophy: Think clean.
– Because it is durable and the quality of the raw materials guarantees a lifetime of the value of the finished product and, therefore, the health and comfort of your home, it is important that they have the best classifications. That’s why Sc Ciupirom Instal Srl has chosen as partner AERTECNICA, that through TUBO is a world leader in designing CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS.
– The TUBO supremacy is defined and through the most distinguished certifications.
– Centralized aspirator consisting of pipes in the floor, wall sockets and a centralized aspirator.
– TUBO is a centralized aspirator consisting of pipes in the floor, wall sockets and a centralized aspirator located in a separate room, to which is transported the dust sucked, avoiding recirculation in the area of bacteria and micro dust, the main causes of serious allergies and respiratory disorders.
– With TUBO in house you breathe a different air, cleaner, healthier.
– TUBO system from Aertecnica offers the environment the guarantee of the perfectly clean, to move freely and safely.
– TUBO is simple and fast to use. It is important because time is precious as the air!
– Tubo pulls the dust, it transports it to the middle, it sorts in this way:
– Thick dust will be collected in container.
– The dust is easier retained by the filter.
– Micro dust (mites and bacteria are the cause of allergies) shall be excluded from spaces outside.
With Tubo breathe fresh air in the house!
Centralized aspirator PERFETTO INOX TX A LINE
The centralized aspirators PERFETTO INOX TX A with APF system (Self-cleaning system of the filter) are constructed in a cylindrical structure consisting of two different materials: stainless steel AISI 304 and special PVC. The boilers have three distinct sections, they are defined as follows: the upper section (motor and turbine), the central section (filter and APF system), the lower section (collecting tank).
The advantages of the PERFETTO INOX TX A centralized aspirators:
– it filters the air sucked from the room and removes outside the house
– it has a pronounced contribution in lung disease prevention
– it is silent, practical and convenient in use
– integrated suction outlet
– by Soft Start it has a low power consumption
– by APF it has a very long lifetime
– it is resistant to atmospheric agents
– it has a futuristic design, which gives it a special and stylistic image
– the optional wireless control
– excellent quality / price ratio
– Do not hesitate to send us the house plans for a personalized offer with TUBO products.


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